NNA Certified Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent with years of experience, surving the State of Massachusetts.Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk
Estate Planning - Power of Attorney (POA)
Trusts Documents
Prison and Correctional Facility Signings
Consent Letter for Minors to Travel Internationally
Divorce/Settlement Agreement
Medical Forms
DMV Documents
Mechanic Liens - Properties
Vehicle Release Forms
Nursing Home
Property Deed
DMV Documents
Quitclaim Deeds
Release of Payment
Subordination Documents
Signature Affidavit
Seller Closing
Affidavit of Owner Occupancy
Home Purchasing
Property Tax Lien
HOme Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Corporate Transaction Documents I-9
Bill of Land
Cori Form
Certificate of Origin
Freight and Insurance Documents
Waybill (UIC)
Provide Witness
Overnight documents delivery
Notary Certificate Forms
Administering Oaths
Visit Our Office | Mobile Notary Public | Loan Signing Agent | Appointments Only with same day appointments availableDue to the highly sensitive information contained in many papers to be notarized, it is important to find a qualified notary that you can trust. We pride ourselves on our confidentiality and professionalism.

NNA | National Notary Association Member

  • State of Massachusetts Commission
  • Certified Loan Notary Signing Agent (NSA)
  • Biberk Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O)
  • NNA Background Screening Passed
  • NNA NSA Continuing Education Completed
  • Ma. Mobile Notary

It is important to remember that a Notary is not licensed to practice law. The Notary is prohibited from helping you to prepare documents or provide any legal counsel. The primary role of a Notary is to act an impartial witness to the signing of documents and legal forms.

If you need LEGAL advice, please consult an Attorney!

Appointment Checklist

  • NSAC.C.
    • Signing parties MUST be present and have a VALID, UNEXPIRED photo identification such as U.S. Driver's License, U.S. Passport, U.S. Military Card, Green Card, Foreign Passport, which has been stamped by U.S. Customs.
  • NSAC.C.
    • You can bring two people with you, who can act as CREDIBLE WITNESSES. Each witness must have a valid identification (see acceptable forms of identification). Also, each witness must NOT have a financial interest in the documents being signed. Additionally, each witness must NOT be named in the documents being signed.
  • NSAC.C.
    • Please have your documents filled up, and only leave the signature area UNSIGNED as the signing individual(s) MUST SIGN ONLY IN THE PRESENCE OF THE NOTARY.
  • NSAC.C.
    • CASH
    • Venmo
    • Zelle/Bank of America
    • CashApp
  • NSAC.C.
    • Should you need to reschedule, change, or cancel your appointment, please do so at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled appointment time.
  • NSAC.C.
    • The Notary Can TRAVEL to You at your desired location (Home, Office, Hospital, Court, Jails...)